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What is Creator Mode on LinkedIn?

If you want to expand your reach and influence on LinkedIn, perhaps you need to switch to Creator Mode.

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If you want to expand your reach and influence on LinkedIn, perhaps you should consider changing your profile to “Creator Mode.” What is Creator Mode? According to LinkedIn,

“Creator mode is a profile setting on your dashboard that can help you grow your reach and influence on LinkedIn. You can turn on creator mode to get access to additional tools and features that help you create content and grow your audience base on LinkedIn.”

So what does that mean for your LinkedIn account if you choose to switch to Creator Mode?

Here are a few things that will change:

  • The connect button will change to a "follow" button.

  • You will be able to display topics that you often talk about as hashtags on the top part of your profile.

  • You can add a link under the introduction section of your profile.

  • You have the potential to be featured as a Creator so more people will find your page and follow you.

  • You get additional analytics to see how your content performs.

If you are intentionally trying to create content that has a far reach and you would like to grow the amount of followers that you have, then Creator Mode is right for you. If you aren't as concerned about either of those things and just want to connect with others in your niche or profession, then Creator Mode isn't really necessary.


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