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Welcome to the Creator Economy

What it means for your and how you can join in.

The creator economy is booming. But what is the creator economy, and how can you join? The creator economy is an ecosystem that allows for people to create their own content and potentially monetize it. The internet and social media has decentralized the "ivory tower" of content creation (marketing, writing, advertising, etc.) and also allowed for widespread distribution of content. Many have ditched their 9-5 jobs to become freelancers and agency owners. Some examples of this ecosystem would be the rise of "influencer marketing" on Instagram and Tik Tok, and sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

So, how can you join? Perhaps you don't need or want to monetize. It's still a great opportunity to show your creativity and get your work out there. Here are 5 simple ways that you can start.

Start building your own personal brand. Tell your story. Create your own short videos with words of encouragement or your thoughts on industry news. Share your heart/be an advocate for a particular cause.

Launch a newsletter. There are so many options to do this, however if you already have an audience on Twitter, you can use Revue, and if you have an audience on LinkedIn you can create one right in your profile.

Start a blog. Similar to writing a newsletter, you can start your own blog. The great thing is you don't necessarily need to launch your own website, you can use, Blogger, or Medium. You can also use Tumblr which is somewhat of a microblog platform.

Design your own content for social media. You can easily use Canva to create and design your own posts. Just today I saw a great post that someone designed themselves featuring 3 people they recommended following on LinkedIn. Genius.

Join the community. The creator community on Twitter, especially, is so rich, but there are many on LinkedIn you can easily connect with as well. Join in the community and start being a part of the conversation.

When it comes to joining the creator economy, you just have to jump in. You have to at least give it a shot and be authentically you.

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