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7 Things You Need to Succeed on LinkedIn in 2024

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LinkedIn is a powerhouse for career growth, networking, and personal branding. However, thriving on this platform requires more than just a polished profile. As someone with over 14k followers on the platform, let’s explore the 7 essential elements you need to conquer the LinkedIn landscape.

1. Develop a Content Writing System

Content is king, especially on LinkedIn. But creating impactful content consistently isn’t just about inspiration. You need a system. This system should include a content calendar, a clear understanding of your audience, and a mix of content types like articles, posts, and videos.

Your content should provide value, whether through industry insights, career advice, or personal stories. Remember, consistency is key, so schedule your posts and stick to it.

2. Cultivate the Right Relationships

LinkedIn is about building meaningful relationships. Focus on quality over quantity. Connect with industry leaders, potential mentors, and peers who inspire you. Engage with their content thoughtfully and offer genuine insights. Personalized messages go a long way in establishing a connection. Networking is a two-way street; be ready to offer help as much as you seek it.

3. Hone Your Networking Skills

Networking is an art, and LinkedIn is its gallery. Comment on posts, join groups, and participate in discussions. Share your expertise and ask questions. Be active but authentic in your interactions. Your goal should be to become a recognized and respected voice in your field.

If you have the time, I would start engaging at least 1–2 hours per day.

4. Embrace Persistence and Grit

Success on LinkedIn doesn’t happen overnight. It requires persistence and grit. You might not get immediate engagement on your posts or instant responses to your messages, but don’t be discouraged. Keep refining your approach, learn from others, and stay consistent in your efforts. Success on LinkedIn is a marathon, not a sprint.

5. Set Focused and Precise Goals

Without a clear goal, your LinkedIn efforts can become scattered and ineffective. Are you looking to grow your network, find a new job, establish thought leadership, or generate leads for your business? Your goal will guide your content strategy, networking efforts, and how you interact on the platform. Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals to keep your LinkedIn journey focused.

Example: my goal is to reach 20k followed by February 1st.

6. Sport a Glorious Beard (Or Not)

While this might seem tongue-in-cheek, it speaks to a larger truth: personal branding. Your LinkedIn profile is your digital first impression. A well-groomed beard will set you apart. But more importantly, ensure that your profile is complete, professional, and reflects your personal brand. Your profile photo, headline, and summary are people’s first experience with you.

7. Stay Flexible and Adaptable

LinkedIn is constantly evolving. New features, algorithm changes, and shifting trends require you to be adaptable. Be open to experimenting with different types of content and strategies. Pay attention to what works and what doesn’t, and be ready to pivot your strategy accordingly.

Success on LinkedIn is multifaceted. It’s not just about what you know or who you know, but how you engage, share, and present yourself. It’s about consistency, authenticity, and a willingness to learn and adapt. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, these seven elements will guide you in making the most out of your LinkedIn experience.

So, did I miss anything? What’s your secret ingredient for LinkedIn success? Share your thoughts and let’s continue the conversation.


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