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6 Rules to Follow to Get More Followers on Instagram

Want more followers on Instagram who engage with your brand and buy your products? Follow these steps.

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With the rise of influencer marketing, a large following on Instagram has become something of extreme value. Sometimes it’s borderline golden calf worship. But, if you want to grow your business on Instagram and have people engage with your brand and spend their money on products and services, you definitely want to be utilizing proven strategies to grow your following.

Let me first say that if you already have an audience, whether that’s through a newsletter, website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, etc., then this is much easier. You simply encourage your followers or subscribers on other channels to follow you. From scratch is a lot more difficult. Additionally, set the expectation in your mind that this is going to take time. If you think that in 3 weeks you are going to have 20k followers in a week, you are probably going to be disappointed.

Rule 1: Post consistently by scheduling out content.

Use a social media planner such as Hootsuite or Meta Business to plan out and schedule posts. If you need to plan out posts way in advance, use a spreadsheet to organize your content ideas and posts.

Rule 2: Find partners and brand advocates.

Perhaps you have an enthusiastic customer, or you know of someone who has a large following that loves your brand. Partner with them to reach a broader audience.

Rule 3: Showcase your Instagram everywhere.

Make sure that all of your other channels include the link to your Instagram profile.

Rule 4: Post content people want.

You're going to have to experiment and run tests using different types of content. Make note of posts that have higher engagement. Get feedback from customers and followers.

Rule 5: Experiment with hashtags.

There are tools from Hootsuite and Hashtagify that can help you find hashtags that will be more effective in reaching more people. Find what hashtags people are following in your niche and make sure that you use them in your postings.

Rule 6: Engage with your audience.

Respond to those who comment on your posts. Engage with them and get feedback. Get to know them. You should also engage with those who are well-known in your niche. One of the best ways to get followers is to comment on posts of influencers in your niche. Be a part of the larger conversation.

Remember that growing your following takes time. It doesn't happen overnight. But if you stick to the fundamentals and remain consistent, you will begin to differentiate yourself, and I believe you can get a healthy following.

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