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3 Productivity Tools I Use To Be More Productive

Need help organizing your tasks and thoughts? This is what I use to manage my head space.

When 2022 started, I knew that I needed to do A LOT of things differently. If I was going to be productive and become a better writer, I needed to make sure that I had great tools to use to organize my writing. If your head was an office, there would be stuff all over the place. So, you need the right tools to help the information in you mind get organized and prioritized.

Now, let me just clear the air here. I used to be a big pen and paper guy. I wrote in a leather journal, which I still do occasionally. I would make to-do lists on paper. Sometimes I would even use sticky notes. However, I eventually got to the point where I wasn't always going t be sitting at a desk with my computer open. Often, I would be on the go and in between meetings. I needed to be able to pull up to-do lists, writings, random thoughts, and projects very quickly.

Over the course of the last 6 months, I started experimenting with different tools. There are 3 tools that I primarily used - Google Docs, Reminders (iPhone app), and Notes (also iPhone app). Here is how I used each of them.

Google Docs

I used Google Docs primarily for larger projects. I don't pull up a random Google Doc and just start writing down random thoughts. Sometimes I will start writing article and blog drafts in Google Docs, write handbooks that I need to create, or if I have a large project with hundreds of tasks I need to write down. I also use it as my journal. It's just easier for me in the morning when I'm praying to write out my thoughts on a Google Doc and journal.

Reminders (iPhone App)

This is probably used for grocery lists. I actually have broken down my life into several different areas such as finances, work, marriage, ministry, and business. Then I add tasks, little projects, and goals that I have for each area. I also add tentative dates for each task to hold myself accountable.

Notes (iPhone App)

If I’m waking down the street and have a random thought or a good idea, I’ll jot it down in the Notes app. I don‘t add big projects, just ideas and random thoughts.


Recently, I joined Twitter and heard everyone talking about Notion. I just downloaded it and already it looks like it combines all of these apps I use in one place. Soon, I will do a review of the app in entirety as it’s heavily used by the writing community.

At the end of the day, you have to find what works for you. Don’t be afraid to shake it up and try something different. In sharing my own system, I hope it inspires you to find your own as well.


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